Our Fulfilment Service (Packing & Distribution) means we can label, pack and deliver large quantities for Brands & Retailers who have large quantity requirements of TESTER BLOTTERS®, Sampler Cards, Labels, Cartons etc. If you have a small order packing requirement or a complex POS campaign, we have various solutions available:-
  • Numbering, Collating, Inserting
  • Banding, Bundles, Sleeves,
  • POS Bar Code, Product Labelling
  • Grip Seal Bags, Clear Cello Envelopes
  • Shrink Wrapping Packs
  • UK & Overseas Shipment & Distribution
  • Storage and Stock Call Off
Don’t forget, using our Storage & Stock Call Off allows you to bulk purchase your requirements, saving you the hassle, storage space and of course money.
Sample Service
If you do not have the time or space for sending Scented Samples to your customers, then let us send them out to your customer for you.
  • Sprayed Tester Blotter Strips
  • Swipe & Smell Printed Samples
  • Tester Samples such as Travel Miniatures, Spray Atomisers, Vial Bottles, Lipstick Tubes, Mascara Stick Brushes
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