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If you’re lucky enough to have ever received a letter from a pen pal or lover, that’s been spritzed with their signature fragrance, you’ll know first-hand the power of scented mail. Smells trigger memories and feelings. In fact, studies show that smells are responsible for no less than 75% of the emotions we experience. And as any savvy marketer (or lover!) knows, emotions prompt action…

Scented Direct Mail campaigns

A scented direct mail campaign, in which fragrance samples are sent direct to the consumer’s door, is a great way to engage potential customers. There are myriad ways of doing it, ranging from Swipe & Smell sampler cards and brochures, to 3D mailers featuring embossed or foiled finishes and glass sampler vials.

2D Scented Mail

2D scented mail is the simplest way of introducing a fragrance to prospective customers. Cost-effective and quick to produce, these products are ideally suited to a campaign that needs to reach the maximum number of people in the least amount of time. All the ‘smelly mail’ items listed below are made using FSC certified paper and board, and feature Swipe & Smell (scratch n sniff) patches containing your chosen fragrance.

  • Sampler Cards
  • Flyers
  • One-Piece Mailers
  • Postcards
  • Vouchers
  • Brochures
  • Letters

Looking for something more basic, but just as effective? With our Peel & Seal TESTERBLOTTERS®, you can spritz the card with whatever scent the customer is interested in and then slip it into cellophane envelope to preserve its potency.

3D Scented Mail

For maximum impact, there’s nothing like a fancy feature or two to catch a customer’s eye (as well as their nose!). As expert printers, we have over 30 years of experience in creating Die-cut Special Shape Cards, and Embossed or Foiled Finishes. Whether you have your own ideas or want to employ the specialist skills of our design team, you can be sure of a 3D scented mail item that will delight.

We can also provide you with Vial Cards that are designed to hold Vial Bottles containing the fragrance you want to promote. Whether we fill and attach the bottles as well, or leave that part to yourselves, is entirely up to you.

Customised or Personalised Mail

Of course, there’s no point sending out fragrance samples without letting the recipients know who you are, and what you want them to do as a consequence of receiving your ‘gift’. This is where customisation comes in.

We can personalise your design with anything from graphics and colours that are consistent with your brand identity, to Vouchers, Bar Codes and QR codes – highly effective ways of directing customers to your stores or website. We can also crease, seal and tab one-piece mailers, to compliment the design and content of your Scented Mail campaign.

At Maximise Scent Marketing, we’re happy to customise your Scented Direct Mail campaign in accordance with your budget, too. Printing Postcards and Letters in ‘one pass’ (where the paper goes through the printer only once), for example, takes less time, allowing us to pass on a cost saving to your business. Want to go all out with your campaign? We can help you to personalise each mailing by referencing the recipient’s location or past purchase history – vastly increasing engagement and campaign success.

Direct Mail Fulfilment & Postage services

You might have your own delivery methods, but if this is your first foray into direct mail, or if you just prefer to stick to what you’re good at, then let us help! We can take on the entire job or just parts of it, from printing individual names & addresses on Tester Blotter Strips, Cards, Letters and Brochures to packaging up materials and shipping them to your customers whether at home or in the office, anywhere in the world. Also, depending on your data, we can save you ££££s on Postage & Courier costs.

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