Scented bookmarks

With scent having the almost magical property of being able transport us to another time and place and awaken dormant memories, the potential for capturing the imagination of your target audience with scented bookmarks is endless…

Marketing a new novel?

A promotional bookmark with a relevant scent embedded into it can lure a reader into the fictional world you’re inviting them into – and provide a key to that world each time they open the pages.

Publishing an Autobiography of a Perfumer? 

Ideal opportunity to showcase their Scents & Aromas

Promoting a new fragrance? 

Create a branded, scented bookmark and give potential buyers an interactive sample they won’t forget -or offer it as a giveaway and add the kind of value that delicately steers customers towards a full purchase.

Great for Publishers, Authors, Book Shops, Marketeers, Perfumers

However you plan to use your scented bookmarks, you can count on Maximise to provide you with a first-class product that you’ll be proud to call your own.

About our Scented Bookmarks

As print experts with over 30 years of experience, we can create high-quality scented bookmarks in every shape, size and colour imaginable – which means there’s plenty of scope for both incorporating your brand identity and bringing a story off the page. And because we use coated board for our scented bookmarks, you can be sure that the colours, contrast and definition of your design appear exactly as you want them to.

All our promotional scented bookmarks are made from FSC-certified board and feature ‘Swipe & Smell’ printing to ensure that your chosen fragrance is both preserved and released in the most effective way possible. Swipe and Smell printing (also known as Scratch ‘n’ Sniff) is a process whereby a specially developed solution containing microscopic capsules of scent, is applied to print. When these capsules are rubbed or ‘swiped’, they break and release the chosen fragrance.

Scented bookmark - product features:

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