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We’re all familiar with ‘swiping’ – it’s a major feature of life in the digital age, after all. But it’s not often that this action results in an olfactory sensation. So when it does, it has a big impact! Whether you want to promote a certain fragrance, or associate a particular smell with your brand, ‘Swipe & Smell’ is the perfect way to do it…

What is Swipe & Smell printing?

Swipe and Smell printing (also known as Scratch ‘n’ Sniff) is a process whereby a specially developed solution containing microscopic capsules of scent, is applied to print. When these capsules are rubbed or ‘swiped’, they break and release the chosen fragrance. In most cases, this varnish-like liquid is applied to a specific area on the printed sheet.

How can I use Swipe & Smell in my marketing plans?

Promoting or introducing new fragrances and perfumes with magazine inserts or direct mail is the obvious application for this technology. But it’s by no means the only use for it.

In a world full to the brim with visual content, Swipe and Smell can add a fresh and memorable dimension to any marketing campaign. What’s more, it can evoke the kind of memories and emotions that are likely to encourage a consumer to make a purchase. Scents such as the smell of cut grass, lavender, spring flowers and sweet shops… all of these and plenty more can be used to engage your customers’ minds in a positive connection with your brand.

What are the practical applications for Swipe & Smell?

Swipe and Smell can be used to create scented magazine inserts that are designed to promote a fragrance, product or event, with the specially formulated liquid printed either directly onto the magazine or as a tip-on insert. It can also be used for a scented direct mail campaign, as part of a brand or product launch or promotion.

Swipe and Smell can also be used as a way of allowing people to experience unpleasant or strange odours. If you run a museum, perhaps you’re looking for a way of taking visitors back in time? Or maybe you work in Health & Safety and want to raise awareness of smells that signal danger? If you’ve got the smell, we can print it.

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