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Welcome to the award-winning Maximise. We produce both branded (custom) and non-branded TESTER BLOTTERS® in a wide range of styles, formats and colours, using existing templates or designed according to your specific requirements. We also make Special Tester Blotters for the most exclusive scents and aromas. Whether you require a minimum quantity for a product launch or millions packed and distributed to multiple global outlets, you can order direct via our online store, ScentBlotterStrips, or contact us for our expert advice on the correct grade of absorbent board, based on your specific needs. We are the world’s leading dedicated supplier of TESTER BLOTTERS® (also known by a variety of other names, including Scent Blotter Strips, Perfume Testing Strips, Smelling Strips, Sniff Testers, Cologne Blotter Strips and Mouillettes de Parfum) and as an award-winning company we have featured on BBC TV & Radio. We provide global retailers and manufacturers throughout the Beauty, Perfume, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil industries with Fragrance Tester Blotter Strips and Cards that provide a consistent standard for fragrance evaluation. Our TESTER BLOTTERS® have been carefully designed, using years of expertise, to absorb and retain an accurate sample of the scents and aromas you create. Whatever your requirements, using Maximise you are guaranteed to receive TESTER BLOTTERS® of the highest quality, printed with low odour inks on FSC accredited absorbent boards.
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Maximise offer great, personal customer service, with quick response times. They were very helpful assisting us in deciding what Tester Strips would be best for us. We would highly recommend their services.
Jack Perfume
I've enjoyed the service of Maximise since inception of the Perfume Playground. As the first Australasian Fragrance House finding reliable, flexible international suppliers was very important. Maximise catered to our growing needs from an innovation, design, payment and delivery perspective. I highly recommend Maximise to support your brands fragrance design and sensory experiences!
Perfume Playground
Maximise have a great selection of tester strips and they sell at flexible quantities which has been ideal for all the different scales of fragrances events and presentations I organise. They're really fast at delivering, too, and always very helpful.
Odette Toilette
Andy and the team at Maximise are so accommodating, incredibly helpful and managed, on more than one occasion to get us large orders almost instantly. The blotters are fantastic quality, we use them day in and day out for fragrance stability testing, evaluation and as samplers at in-house events. I’m so pleased with the product and service, and will continue to use Maximise going forward.
Molton Brown
Maximise have passion and drive to make sampling campaigns successful – they understand marketing strategy and are able to present proposals to a customer that achieve the business objectives as well as being creative at how to implement impactful campaigns.
Yardley of London
Maximise are always a pleasure to work with. The blotters they produce are great quality, printed and delivered perfectly and on time. I would highly recommend them to any fragrance brand looking for high quality blotters.
Elizabeth Arden
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