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As long-established, award-winning specialists in scent marketing, print and direct mail, we offer highly-effective scent marketing tools to fragrance, aroma and essential oil producers worldwide. We also enable companies in other industries to increase sales by tapping into their customers’ sense of smell… Designed to be delivered direct to your customer’s door or inserted into magazines, our range of scented marketing products includes Swipe & Smell patches, Vial bottles, and Peel & Seal TESTERBLOTTERS®. With over 30 years of print expertise behind us, you can trust us to provide you with the materials to go with them too, from sampler cards and letters, to entire brochures. We’ll even distribute them on your behalf, if you want us to!

Scent Marketing for the fragrance industry

Most people would agree that us humans like to smell good. But as science has proven, what smells good to one person might not smell good to another. Choosing scents and aromas is a very personal thing, which is why sampling them is such a crucial step in the sales process. So, what’s the fragrance world to do when an increasing number of us are shopping – and being subjected to marketing campaigns – online?

Scented mail and magazine inserts allow you to reach both existing and new customers in a simple, effective and memorable way. From single tester vials and Swipe & Smell patches, to brochures packed full of scents just waiting to be sampled, Maximise Scent Marketing can help you give potential customers that all-important ‘try before you buy’ experience.

With decades of experience in the print industry, we can also make sure your samples come with materials that are consistent with your branding. Need some help? Our in-house design team can assist you. Either way, you’ll soon have all the tools you need for a scent marketing campaign that excites, engages, and drives sales.

Scent as a marketing tool for other businesses

"Consumers are plagued with oversaturation of visual content. By adapting your marketing strategy to include scent, you can improve your ROI."

Successful marketing happens when you generate an emotional response from potential customers. We want them to feel something – and for that feeling to induce a purchase. Words and images can do this, of course, but there’s nothing quite like a smell for provoking a certain memory or emotion.

When we smell something, a kind of magic happens. Smells go straight to the brain’s limbic system, bypassing cognitive and logical thought processes along the way. Here, emotions and memories are triggered… Want to sell a mattress? Give them lavender or jasmine to instil a sense of peace and deep rest. Want to sell a detox holiday? Give them an energizing burst of citrus zest, eucalyptus or rosemary!

We can infuse your marketing materials with a scent of your choice – get in touch for more information about our ‘stock fragrances’ or to find out how you can use your own signature scent as part of a fresh and memorable scented marketing campaign.


Whether you’ve got fragrances to promote, or a marketing campaign that can be enhanced with a smell, you can rely on Maximise Scent Marketing to provide you with the right tools and assistance – on time, and at low cost.

Call us today on +44 (0)1904 215145 or email to arrange a free consultation call.

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