Nail Varnish Colour Tester Cards

As a leading supplier of Tester Strips for the Cosmetic, Perfume & Beauty markets, we supply Nail Varnish Colour Tester Cards to Nail Bars & Beauty Salons Retailers.
Using Maximise Colour Tester Cards they allow and encourage your potential customers to test colours without the need to open sample bottles and at the same time maintaining social distancing. The customer can put it straight in the bin after use, as per the WHO guidelines on reducing the spread of Coronavirus.
Our Colour Tester Cards are specially coated on one side to replicate the look and feel of a fingernail. Purchasers paint the Tester Card coated side to compare nail varnish colours. The uncoated side can be used for trackable Discount Offer QR Codes.

Benefits of using our Nail Varnish Colour Tester Cards:-

  • Reduces the use of Sampler Bottles
  • Helps with Social Distancing
  • Saves you £££s on Nail Varnish Samples 
  • Dual Purpose as Promotional Discount QR Codes for tracking 
  • Special Shape Cards available to match Bottles, Nail Files etc.

Printed for brand re-enforcement we can supply in swatch booklet format or in singles, retail labelled, packed and distributed to either one main address or to multiple outlets.

For further information, then simply contact us direct via our enquiry form or call +44(0)1904 215145

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